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Introduction to the first Trial EC round in Tanvald (Czech Republic)

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The 2013 UEM FIM Europe Trial European Championship is  on the go with a two-days event in Tanvald, North Czech Republic, this week-end. On Saturday it is scheduled the first of three rounds of the Youth Cup and Women Championship. On Sunday the usual four classes of the real European Championship that this year consists of 4 rounds.



Nearly 150 riders have already sent their entry-forms for a championship always live nevertheless the world economic crisis. In the woods of this well known Trial venue, on Saturday the very young riders and the best women will fight on 12 sections to do twice. Still two loops the day after, but 15 hazards to be faced by the most blazoned pilots.



Particular care in drawing the sections has been dedicated by the organizers, taking count of the new “non stop” rules. Indeed as already applied in the FIM world championship, also in these series if the rider stops into the section , no matter if feet up, he is given five point of penalties, that means the maximum negative score allowed for each section. Because in almost all the countries who sent the riders riding in this week-end, the new rules has not adopted yet, it will be interesting to see who among the participants will be able to change quickly and fruitfully his way to ride.



To hazard a prevision in the first round of the year is always quite hard, not having had the chance to observe eventually progresses done by the single riders in the winter. But after the great performances done by the team Italia in the last edition, able to occupy totally the podium in the top class, we reasonably look forward to expect excellent outcomes from Matteo Poli -Ossa – and Luca Cotone – Gas Gas. But a tough nut will be without doubt Sweden Eddie Karlsson , who this year  moved to Jotagas, the only one belonging to the world-pro class in the world championship. Good chances to fight for podium positions are  for home country-mate Martin Kroustek-Beta., too.



More complicated the situation between the Junior, where many riders can cut a fine figure. British Bradley Cox, German Franz Kadlec  and Italian Gabriele Giarba will be for sure play a role of protagonists.



In the Over 40 class, the odds are on Dutch John Van Veelen, Italian Valter Feltrinelli and French Philippe Bontemps, while between the women on scene the day before British Emma Bristow and Spanish Sandra Gomez are the most quoted.





34/2013 Semi-Final 2 Individual Speedway EC in Debrecen

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The Individual Speedway European Championship started this weekend with the first Semi-final held yesterday in Debrecen (Hungary).


The winner of the Semi-final was Croatian rider Jurica Pavlic in front of Polish Robert Miskowiak and Danish Hans Andersen.


Semi-final 3 of the Individual Speedway European Championship is scheduled on the 23rd of June in Murek (Austria).



Press Release nr 34/2013

FIM Europe – UEM




26/2013 Change format for EMX 125 2 Stroke and EMX250cc

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Due to the magnificently high number of entries for the 125 2 stroke (69 entries) European Championship and the 250 (94) European Championship for Portugal, Youthstream and FIM Europe are delighted to be able to announce a change in the race format for these Championships permitting every rider to race. The former format would have sent home more than 50% of the riders after the timed practice not allowing them the chance to race, however it is imperative for the young riders to be able to race in order to improve.

Youthstream sees the European Championship as the base of our sport's pyramid and it's fantastic to see the number and quality of riders increase with each year.

The format will consist of 2 groups for the free practices, 2 groups for the timed practices, 2 semi-final races and a last-chance race on the Saturday, then the final will be held on Sunday and broadcasted live on MX-LIFE.TV. Points for these Championships will be given for the results of the final on Sunday.



25/2013 FIM Europe Auditors Meeting in Rome

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Last Friday, the UEM-FIM Europe Auditors (Laurent Delbroek, Vadym Kopylov and Lamberto Poggi) met in Rome and studied thoroughly all UEM 2012 financial figures and evaluated attentively the 2013 budget.

The meeting was also the occasion to assign, as per Statute, the seat of Chairman of the FIM Europe Auditors Panel, which went to the Italian Lamberto Poggi. The next day the Management Council confirmed this nomination and expressed its congratulations to Mr Poggi and the other members of the Panel for the great work that has been done.



Start of EMX65 and EMX85 North-Western Europe in Heerde (The Netherlands)

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The first Event in the European Championship 65cc and 85cc North-Western Europe Zone was held today 7th of April on the well prepared track of Kamperweg / Heerde (The Netherlands).

Sunday started with the race for non-qualified riders and the fastest rider was Frederik Røste (Norway) and second was Bastian Bogh Dam (Denmark) and on the third place came Lucas Sandby Ankjær (Denmark).

In the first race in the 85cc class was the fastest rider Conrad Mewse (Great Britain) followed by Jorge Prado Garcia (Spain) and on the third place came Glen Meier (Denmark).

Also in second race was Conrad Mewse (Great Britain) the fastest with Jorge Prado Garcia (Spain) on the second place, and Kim Savaste (Finland) on the third place.


The fastest rider in 65cc class race one was Anton Nagy (Sweden) on the second place Emil Weckman (Finland) and on the third place Raivo Dankers (The Netherlands).

In second race 65cc was Raivo Dankers The Netherlands) number on and Anton Nagy (Sweden) on the second place, and on the third place came Emil Weckman (Finland).

Next round of the Championship will take place in Hyvinkaa (FIN) on the 5st of May.

Change in 2013 FIM Europe Sporting Calendar

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The Turkish Motorcycling Federation (TMF) regrets to inform that due to some technical reasons about the circuit and weather conditions, the races S3, Open and Junior Class Supermoto Championship Turkish Round planned to be on 6-7 April 2013 has been cancelled.

Change in 2013 FIM Europe Sporting Calendar

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The Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (PZM) informs that it was forced to cancel the event of the Bajas European Championship scheduled in Stalowa Wola from the 28th to the 30th of June, because of unexpected organisational problems.

Change in 2013 FIM Europe Sporting Calendar

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FMU informed that the EMX65 and EMX85 rounds for the Northern European Zone (EMN 20/7), scheduled in Kyiv on the 14th of April, will not be held in the scheduled date because of bad weather conditions and the strong snowfall that seriously damaged the track.

The event will be recovered on the 2nd of June on the same track.



2012 FIM ASIA General Assembly in Singapore

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FIM ASIA successfully held their 2012 General Assembly at the M Hotel in Singapore on January 16, 2012. The 2012 General Assembly was well attended with 19 FMNs officially represented. Present at the meeting were the representatives from the national motorcycle federations of Bahrain, China, Chinese-Taipei, Guam, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.Click here to read more


Change in 2013 FIM Europe Sporting Calendar

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The Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (PZM) informs that it was forced to cancel the event of the Bajas European Championship scheduled in Stalowa Wola from the 28th to the 30th of June, because of unexpected organisational problems.