FIM's Continental Union
for Motorcycling in Africa



Rider Entry Procedure:

Click here to download the FIM AFRICA Rider Requirements (Powerpoint Presentation)

Rider obtains the following documentation from

  • General Competition Rules
  • Supplementary Regulations
  • Entry Forms
  • Medical Form

Rider submits entry and medical documentation to the Event Secretary at email addresses provided in the Supplementary Regulations.

Riders may obtain a FIM AFRICA annual Licence by completing page 1 and Page 2 of the License application forms.  Once completed please submit them to the
FIM AFRICA Secretary General with US$30 at (Forms can be downloaded under the Sporting Section - License Application Forms.

Continental Championships - Annual Licence Compulsory
Cup and Challenge Series - Day Licence is available on entry

General Information

Organiser Event Requirements and Procedure:

Click here to download the FIM AFRICA Event Requirements for the Organiser - (Powerpoint Presentation)

  • Organisers to submit supplementary Regulations to the FIM AFRICA Secretary General for approval.
  • Minimum 6 weeks before the challenge and event date - 12 weeks for championship Team event.
  • Event Secretary to submit all the event and supporting documentation to the Secretary General before permit may be issued.
  • Secretary General sends to the Chairman FIM AFRICA working group for approval who submits to Vice President Sporting for Final approval.
  • Vice President approves Supplementary Regulations and submits to the Secretary General for Issue of the Permit Number
  • Secretary General Issues the Permit Number.
  • Secretary General sends the the Supplementary Regulations with Permit Number to the Organisers.
  • Supplementary Regulations to be posted on the FIM AFRICA website.
  • Entries and medical forms for the event, received by the Organisers  must be submitted to the Secretary General within 72 hours of event.
  • Documentation to be submitted to the Secretary General at:  fimafrica@fim-africa.comIncident

Clerk of Course Submits:

  • Accident Statistic Form
  • Medical Attendance Form
  • Clerk of Course Report 
  • Clerk of Course Report for Cross Country and Enduro Motorcycle Events

Jury President Submits:

  • Jury Report
  • Jury Report (MX)

Event Secretary Submits - (Copied to Vice President, Finance)

  • Event Return Form
  • Transfer Day licence Fees
  • Event Results