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The following is built examples of start gates installed at the Mindola Dam motocross track and are for information only. The use of all or any part of these details is entirely at the own risk of any person or entity choosing to do so and it would be incumbent upon such person or entity to seek professional advice to ensure that all local laws, bylaws, safety requirements or any statutory requirement is complied with. The copyright in these drawings vests in the designer and furthermore the uploader of these details accepts no liability whatsoever for any use of the drawings or details from whatsoever cause arising.

Whilst the bridge over the top is a great feature, depending on resource's the basic start gates on their own also suffice.

Whilst the drawing only physically shows 36 start gates the civil concrete dimensions are designed to accommodate 40 gates, (two additional gates on either end) just a matter of fabricating and installing all 40 if need be. "

Motocross Start Gate Drawing 1

Motocross Start Gate Drawing 2

Motocross Start Gate Drawing Frame (Civil)

Motocross Start Gate Drawing Frame